Guess who’s back, back again?

So inspired by various situations and the fact that WordPress kept sending me mails for the last two years, about the latest posts of the people I’ve followed, added to how I’m not as busy as I thought I was, I was told by a friend that I should, just maybe, you know, try writing a blog again.

(You know what’s coming next.) So I thought, “Why not?”
Aaaaaand here we are again. Let’s see how long this season lasts.

The problem is, you need quality content, ya know? A single sentence, with too many commas, and the reader, is, out, the door. (BYE-BYE.) When you’re aiming to be funny, you got to be funny throughout, I guess. ¬†And if you’re planning to sound very knowledgeable, unlike me, you should probably do your research beforehand.

I honestly thought that I would be able to write a longer post, but I guess I should first assign number of minimum words and marks before I start working on one.

But, because this is the first time I’m writing in a long time, excuse my short post and give me suggestions for the next one? Pleeeeease?

See you soon, reader.
(Even if you don’t give me suggestions)