‘I am Destined’ or ‘I will write my Destiny’?

What is Destiny?
Is it something that’s written in your fate? Will an astrologer tell you what it is? Is it what you were born with? Is it what is expected of you? Is it what you work your ass off to achieve? Is it your dream? What is it?

-noun, plural destinies.
Something that is to happen or has happened to a particular person or thing; lot or fortune.

According to me, destiny is something that was written in your fate, but it is only up to YOU to achieve it. No other super forces are going to magically gift you your dream. Of course, you might be naturally gifted with something. A talent, an ability, an affinity towards anything. But to be an expert, to be the master of your trade, to do something spectacular with it, you need practice, dedication, determination and the will to get that dream in your hands. No one but you can do what you want, especially the way you want it.
We use the phrase ‘destined to do it’ so frequently, that we might have actually forgotten how to achieve it. Destiny isn’t magic, destiny isn’t a gift from the dreamland. And sure, life might be a story but it sure as hell isn’t a movie. Special effects don’t happen. All these super-successful-hard working-giant industrialists/superstars/fantastic people didn’t get to that level in a day. They weren’t gifted success on a silver platter. They worked, worked and worked. And then worked some more. They didn’t get to the ‘elite group’ without failing. They’ve failed way more than we know, but what did they do? They DIDN’T GIVE UP.

There are so many factors that contribute to success and dreams. But mostly, it’s hard-work. There’ll be people who say smart work gets you to the good places. I agree, probably it does. But it’ll never get you to the best ones.

To achieve your dreams, to fulfill your destiny is to be successful in whatever the hell was your dream. Don’t slack. NEVER think ‘I’ll do it tomorrow’. The only thing that you achieve  by postponing things and by being lazy is: NOTHING.

When you start working towards your dream, the society will throw rocks at you, and it WILL hurt. But stay strong. Collect all those rocks and pile’em up until you have a mountain. And then? You wouldn’t even need to throw the mountain. It’ll be so huge, that it’ll be standing in the backyard of your house while you sip imported coffee and sign huge deals. Or maybe sing songs, or play games. ANYTHING. You will be happy, and they will be crying.

Destiny is something that you write, and unless you finish writing that chapter of you life story, you will not have finished your book. So work hard, keep faith and know that there will always be people who support you. Even if you don’t know them yet, they exist. So stop dreaming about it, start doing.

And even if you don’t, and I say this A LOT..Even if you don’t, I have faith in you.*hugs you virtually*

That is Destiny, in my opinion. Tell me what you think Destiny is.


The Blog about The Block.

So I did start a blog finally, and what did I do after writing four?

(Because THAT’S WHAT PEOPLE DO!) #references

Why, you ask? I don’t know, maybe because I am the laziest ass in the history of lazy asses!?

Hear; rather read carefully okay, I am not defaming myself or putting myself to shame because of what I am. I am just putting out the truth over here. I mean, a blog for me was about sharing experiences on a platform where there could possibly be someone who would relate. And I’m extremely sorry if my grammatical errors are bothering you dear reader but I do not mean for it to be this way.

Now, please do continue reading.

So the actual reason I haven’t been writing is because I am facing the most powerful tool of writers’ destruction – A BLOCK. I have no idea what to write about. So all I have been doing is procrastinating EVERY SINGLE DAY, without fail.

Now please do keep in mind that I am no ‘writer’ but well a block is a block is a block.
Haha, gotcha! no, not really I know.

So basically, this is how it happens:

1. I read other people’s work and get super overwhelmed.
2. I keep reading.
3. I do nothing except reading their work, just to get a complex.
4. I decide this world should be a safer place.
5. Just kidding, the Armageddon is coming.
6. Since there was way too many topics while reading others’ works now my poor little brain gets confused.
7. I keep juggling about topics, instead of picking one and writing a.k.a. procrastinating.
8. More topics are added now, so I’m juggling higher a.k.a. more procrastinating.
9. A topic has been picked. (Cheers to me!)
10. By now it has been so long since I’ve written that my brain has forgotten how to write.

And voilá, WRITERS’ BLOCK!

I did actually write a poem a little while back on the topic ‘procrastination’ which was full of not-needed crap, so I’m going to write another absolutely un-needed poem.

Staring at the blank walls,
I’m staring at the screens,
The books on the shelves,
Are teasing,
They are laughing at me.
“Evil little monsters,
I’ll show you what I got!”
I stare at them, while talking,
While thinking of something.
It’s been two weeks since 15th,
And now august is here.
I’m still,
Staring at blank walls,
I’m still,
Staring at screens.

THANK YOU if you read that.

I know, I can be quite the dramatic person. I am still typing off because I feel like there’s not enough content. See, now I added content.

Let me know if you could relate and if you liked it-or not!

Okay. Bye! Have a nice day… Or night! (whatever’s applicable)
( ^ω^ )