Blog No. 2!

You have no idea how long I’ve been waiting to write that. Or rather post that. But it was only possible if I’d written a no. 1 which was possible only if I’d opened a blog. Okay that wasn’t the point.

Here it is-

I’ve always thought about how crazy it is that at this exact moment there are millions of different things happening. Sleeping, watching something, eating, crying, being born, dying, coming out of depression, realising their goals, playing, surfing(the web or otherwise), shopping, writing, or probably thinking about this exact same thing.
It’s insane.
It makes me feel like I’m a tiny, useless part of such a magnanimous world.
And also makes me feel like- Woah, I am a part of such a magnanimous world.

I mostly go with the second feeling because it’s good to feel good about yourself. And if there are so many people, my chanceĀ  at inspiring them goes up.
Confidence levels boost up, and you become free to say whatever the hell you want to. And that’s a nice thing.

And I promise myself I’ll always have the confidence to keep these posts no matter what. Even when they sound absolutely ridiculous when I read them in the future(and I know for a fact that that day will come).


Okay, bye! Have a nice day!


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