My first blog?

I don’t know if I want to start a blog, but if I do it would most probably be filled with absolutely smart things like so-


Today my friend called me and asked me if I wanted to participate in an event management course.

Initially I had refused, which was probably owing to the cause that either I was too lazy or anxiously scared to actually go out there and participate. I spoke about it to my mother, and being an encouraging woman she told me it would always look good if I had it on my curriculum vitae or as they call it, CV. I sent a message to my friend, saying I was interested because my mom told me that I should go, because I am a very smart person (Sarcasm, get it?). She called me and told me the details, that it could be anytime and we would be doing an internship for this company and that we would be getting a certificate for it. That has to be a good thing, because if not I’m doomed.

Don’t you worry, I’m just kidding.

So basically, I will be doing an internship for an event management company and the only reason I’m writing this is that I wanted to type something and my dear mother asked to write about that particular event that took place on this particular day of my life.

Also, I’m so sorry if you had to sit through the entire thing. But if you did, I am forever grateful to you, your highness. *insert smiley*

Watch the sun while it's still shining.
Watch the sun while it’s still shining.

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